Valley View Middle School

Valley View Middle School

Snohomish School District - Snohomish, WA

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Valley View Middle School was an existing school in the Snohomish School District which was replaced with a new school on the same 40-acre site. This project was designed under the International Living Building Institute's Living Building Challenge to meet the highest standards of sustainability surpassing WSSP protocol.

Harmsen completed the Civil Engineering for the project.  Low impact design items include: 

Porous Concrete Pavement - This material was used for the bus service road and greatly reduced the impervious surface footprint on the site, assisted in mitigating increased stormwater runoff, and provided stormwater treatment capabilities.

Geoblock®2 Driving Surface - Geoblock®2 is capable of supporting heavy vehicles, including fire trucks, yet provides a grassed surface for aesthetic beauty. This surface was used for the fire lane and auxiliary parking stalls.

Rain Gardens - Seven rain gardens were installed throughout Valley View to collect and treat runoff from the parking lot surfaces.

Rainwater Cisterns - Rainwater is collected off of roof surfaces. After passing through a simple filter, this water is used for non-potable fixtures such as toilet flushing and outdoor hose bibs. These cisterns reduce the demand on the public utility district, and save utility operating costs for the client.

Rainstore Underground Storage - The underground stormwater detention facility provides multiple functions for the site. First, it regulates stormwater runoff from impacting downstream drainage channels. Second, the system is perforated to promote infiltration into the underlying soils. This helps to recharge groundwater and reduce the storage volume and corresponding footprint. Finally, the system discharges to two separate wetland corridors to keep the hydrologic functions and values of these wetlands from being impacted.

Erosion Control - Extensive erosion control was incorporated into the civil drawings in order to protect the existing wetlands and streams adjacent to the construction area from approximately 95,000CY of grading activity. Additionally, effort was made to separate stormwater run-on from intermixing with the construction site stormwater, reducing the need for sedimentation ponds and other controls. 

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