Steve Mason, PE, LEED AP

Steve Mason, PE, LEED APStephen Mason, PE, LEED AP

Project Engineer 

Steve has extensive experience in a wide variety of engineering projects in both urban and rural locales. He works regularly with municipalities, developers, commercial sites, and residential developments. Steve is adept at the preparation of grading and utility plans with a particular emphasis on the analysis and design of storm drainage systems. Steve’s storm water facilities’ design work covers difficult sites including those with drainage problems such as:

  • Downstream restrictions
  • Closed depressions
  • High groundwater
  • Wetlands and other critical areas

Traditional Stormwater Design

Steve has designed stream bank erosion control Best Management Practice (BMP’s) including dry ponds, dry vaults and tanks and infiltration facilities. To meet storm water treatment requirements, Steve has incorporated many differing BMP’s the use of wet ponds, wet vaults, sand filter, biofiltration swales, oil/water separators and cartridge filter systems into his designs. He looks to utilize the most appropriate, and if possible most cost effective, flow control and treatment BMP’s based on individual site constraints. 

Green Stormwater Solutions

Steve has experience in the implementation of green storm water solutions such as bioretention cells, porous pavement, storm water dispersion, soil amendment and storm water reuse. He is LEED AP certified and is familiar with the Low Impact Technical Guidance Manual for Puget Sound as well as the Washington State Department of Ecology Storm Water Manual, the Snohomish County Drainage Manual and the King County Surface Water Design Manual that have been adopted by most of the jurisdictions in the Puget Sound Basin. 

Steve’s logical designs and straight forward business sense are highly appreciated by our clients. Clients request Steve due to his efficiency and excellent client service.

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