Rink Carpenter, PLS

Rink Carpenter, PLS

Rink Carpenter, PLS

Director of Surveying

Rink has extensive experience in construction control surveying, topographic mapping, and cadastral surveying. Rink is a strong leader with an ability to accurately assess the work plan and costs of performing work.

Clients are often pleased at Rink’s ability to accurately assess what is needed for survey work in order to accomplish their full development needs. His field crews are very loyal to him and work very hard to uphold Rink’s high standards.

Rink has more than 22 years of field and management experience. Rink received his Associate Degree in Survey Technology in 1980 from Vermont Technical College. He joined the firm in 1991 and has directed all survey projects for HARMSEN companies over the last 15 years.

Did You Know...?

Rink is a quintessential family man even through he won’t admit it!  With his daughter attending the University of Washington, Rink is down to his one boy at home for camping, sports, and teasing.

Rink hails from Vermont. He now lives in the Lake Stevens area and despite his seemingly gruff persona, he has many loyal friends and business partners!

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