John Bissell

John Bissell, AICP                                                                  John Bissell

Planning Director

John specializes in project entitlement, current planning, and finding the best path to project approval. He is certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners. John graduated from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and has continued his a his education with additional course work in planning law, bicycle and pedestrian facility planning, ethics and business development.

John’s experience includes land use planning consulting for private developers, cities, tribes, and the federal government. This experience ranges from project management, team building, entitlement acquisition, code and master plan writing, and permit review. John is an expert in variances, deviations, conditional use permits, design review and other discretionary applications.

John's responsibilities include:

Manage development project applications
Manage consultant teams
Develop project strategies
Prepare zoning analyses
Perform feasibility studies
Prepare SEPA, declarations of compliance and other entitlement documents
Work with jurisdictions on project entitlement
Represent clients at hearings
Provide expert consultation, code and plan writing, and permit overflow review for jurisdictions


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